Why Did You Jump, Again?

A poem about self-destruction.

A. Hamzeh


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Grandiose, I am not; grandiose, I will be.

A self filled with imperfections,

A hole filled with misery,

disappointment and regret.

Oh dear self, why did you jump again?

You knew what you did,

You had nothing hid,

You’ve revealed those wrongs,

And discovered those rights,

why did you jump again, knowing each side?

I’ve trusted you, and yet you resent me.

I’ve sacrificed and fatigued,

All to help you grow.

Yet, you threw my sweat, efforts, and tears,

And you jumped, yet again.

You’ve been through hell

And you’ve been through worse;

You know what makes you happy,

But it’s like you’re under a spell,

A charm,

Or even a curse.

Once an old poison crawls back to your lap,

You drink it without a mere hesitation.

You feel some joy,



A. Hamzeh

Copywriter | Content Creator | Health and Wellness Supporter.