We All Need To Be Unbendable If We Want To Succeed In Life

Morning article #2: Stop being soft.

A. Hamzeh
3 min readNov 8, 2021


To reach great heights, we need to become determined and disciplined. Sadly, people are falling victim to social media and trends all at the expense of their future. Why are people so stubborn? Why are they neglecting their responsibilities?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because their sense of purpose has changed. Our purpose used to mean our roles in life; we had duties that need fulfillment.

But now, generally speaking, many believe that money is a reasonable purpose to live by. There are teenagers failing at school and their parents aren’t even flinching because they’re making TikTok money.

The money thing isn’t bad, but it’s engraving the idea that as long as we’re making sufficient money, we don’t need to work hard. And that’s society now. We are always seeking an easier path.

But what does that do?

There are lots of lessons to be learned from discomfort and agony. We can’t proceed with this approach where everyone’s getting their way and avoiding the struggle. We humans need to be taught valuable lessons, and these lessons only come with experiencing discomfort.

It’s like we want to protect everyone in hopes of one day reaching a near-perfect society. But that isn’t possible. As much as I hate to be pessimistic, this goal is one impossible feat.

We can’t keep babysitting each other. People are becoming softer and softer by the minute, all because they’ve been so immersed in simplicity and loopholes.

There’s a fine line separating helpfulness and stupidness, and once it’s crossed, what is presumably helpful and necessary becomes self-sabotaging and destructive.

You can’t keep giving people what they want. They have to reach a point where they’re worthy enough to earn it. As Dr. Jordan Peterson claims in his lecture while talking about spoiled children, he carefully stated that by always giving them what they want, you “deprive them of privation.”

As I previously mentioned, there are lessons to be learned from struggles, and what better teacher is there than agony itself.



A. Hamzeh

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