The Three Factors That will ensure you an unbreakable relationship

And an agony-free life

A. Hamzeh


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When looking for a relationship, we can’t risk choosing the wrong person. In a relationship, we get so emotionally involved, that any loss becomes so severely painful. We tend to reminisce on the good times that have passed while looking for answers to why we arrived at this lonely, unsatisfying destination.

The answer, however, is always evident. But we choose to avoid it. We don’t want to admit we’ve wasted our time due to a mistake made on our part. We blame the cycle of life for being so unpredictable, and we move on to the next relationship, solely relying on luck to keep us from getting hurt.

Nevertheless, what if I told you that you can actually lower the risk of wasting all that time? Imagine having a strategy that will ease the process of selecting your true life partner. Imagine reaching your dream relationship, a relationship where mutual trust thrives, and fun can exist with no boundaries. Wouldn’t that be great?

We often enter blindly into a relationship, gluing ourselves onto a commitment that we don’t even know if it’s worth it or not. Then we discover some faulty characteristics regarding the other person, or we come to a realization that the relationship dynamic is simply not flowing smoothly, so we want out. But the problem is that we’ve familiarized our brains to this particular person, and so letting go becomes very hard.

Take the time to see how compatible you are

Compatibility is a scale that measures how much you get along and have fun with another person.

First of all, get to know the other person. Seriously, I mean get to REALLY REALLY know them. A few dates are not enough. We are the smartest and most adaptable species on this earth, and we’re trained to act under the situation we’re in. We know how to put up a nice and inviting front on a first date, creating a halo effect. Once the other person exhibits a few good traits, we immediately associate other good traits, making him more admirable and wonderful than what they might actually be.

In other words, the first date is an act to show off your most admired skills. It enlarges the person’s…



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