Research-Proven Ways To Help Unfold Your Happiness

A reflection on professor Richard Wiseman’s book: “:59 seconds”

A. Hamzeh
5 min readJan 18, 2021

Happiness is a mysterious feeling, you can’t control it nor predict it, and when it comes, it’s quite difficult to retain it.

With the help of numerous studies and research work, professor Richard Wiseman collected compelling information to simplify the meaning of happiness, guiding us with straightforward steps towards attaining and maintaining it. The following are a few of my takeaways from the first chapter: “Happiness”.

First of all, break the misconception

Growing up, whenever you’ve gone through a bad experience, people will always tell you the same thing: “try not to think about it and you’ll feel better with time”. I was one of those people.

With the hard work of researchers and many studies, we can safely say that that’s a load of bull****. It is proven that when you try to avoid thinking of a specific thing, it turns up even more in your thoughts.

Rather than avoiding the thoughts that have you feeling down, embrace them, and fill your time with activities, social interactions, hobbies, and whatever else puts a smile on your face. Spending your time in this manner will help ease the process towards feeling happier.

Your way up is to write down

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Whenever we feel sad or hurt, many of us gravitate towards looking to someone we feel comfortable with and chatting our way through the sorrow.

After a nice and long conversation, our mood is boosted and we immediately feel a sense of relief.

However, this sensation fades immediately.

Studies have shown that writing down your thoughts is much more effective in terms of getting happier with time whereas ranting to others is only helpful when it comes to putting a smile on your face right on the spot.

When you write, your thoughts are organized and your words are genuine. When you’re talking, your…



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