Jordan Peterson Showed Us How To Achieve A Balanced Life

The essence of all meaning: summarized in 4 minutes.

A. Hamzeh
4 min readOct 10, 2021


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Someone asked Dr. Jordan B. Peterson to present at an upcoming TEDx event a few years back, and he talked about what he believed was the most important thing he knows; the reality we live in. After watching his presentation, I can safely say now that it’s the most important thing I know.

Reality depends on a balance that is fundamentally crucial to our being. It’s the combination of two factors that, if not kept equally significant, will crush your spirit. It’ll fill your soul with hatred and vengefulness, demolishing every positive quality of the self and anthropomorphizing everything negative, convincing ourselves that life operates in that direction.

If these two factors ever collide in harmony, however, we’ve then achieved true peace. It’s the peace that comes with reassurance and safety, having everything going according to plan, yet also knowing that we’re oblivious to what’s yet to come. It’s the feeling of preparedness for life’s upcoming downfalls that lie within our subconscious. It’s knowing that life is not quite perfect, but showcasing gratitude for the endless possibilities it can provide.

The First Half of The Reality Equation: Chaos.

“Chaos is the fruitfulness of nature, and the terror of time. It’s an ocean of possibilities surrounding the territory of human culture; it’s the water of life bringing sustenance to those parched by their own dry preconceptions, and it’s the flood unleashed by an angry God, when the ideas of man warped so badly that they can no longer be sustained.” — Dr. Jordan Peterson

There’s a Ying and Yang to everything. Some good exists in the bad, and vice versa. They complement each other in the most brilliant way possible.

Chaos is everything unexpected, unorganized, and unaccounted for. It’s the sadness that engulfs you after losing a loved one, the surprising tornado that swept your home and ruined your life, and the life-changing pandemic that no one expected would alter the coordinated functioning of the entire globe.



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