James Clear Gave Us Some of the Best Writing Advice — Pay Attention

A lot of advice goes unfollowed; don’t make the mistake of overlooking these.

A. Hamzeh


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I read James Clear’s weekly 3–2–1 Thursday email a few weeks back, and I can certainly say that it has forever changed my attitude towards writing. It helped me realize how much self-sabotaging a person can do to themselves without realizing it, and it taught me how to conquer them. I believe it can do the same for you, too.

James Clear is a committed writer. He is the proud author of “Atomic Habits” — one of the world’s most helpful self-development books; has over 450,000 subscribers to his emailing list, and his articles bring over 1,500,000 visitors per month. He’s an experienced writer that knows what takes to succeed. Here are his three pieces of advice that helped me reach greater heights:

#1 — “The bad days are more important than the good days.”

First, you need to set your goals. Then, you need to organize your priorities; write the habits and tasks you should execute daily. Finally, you need to execute them, daily.

However, you’re not going to wake up every day motivated to work hard. Some days are just frustrating, emotionally consuming, and overall awful. You will not want to work. Those days, my friend, are the ones that will shape you into a champion.

To make a habit out of something, you need to do it periodically; preferably daily. It will be easiest at the beginning, when you’re overly motivated and emotionally invested. But after a week or so, this motivation will fade. And the more time passes, the more you are sensitive to the bad days to come. But you need to power through those days. This engraves in your mind that this is a habit that you shouldn't overlook. It should be permanent.

Once you overcome one bad day, another, and then a few other times, executing this task will be part of your routine. Working hard won’t be a struggle, it’ll become a part of your daily routine; a formula to success.

#2 — Don’t reward behaviors you don’t want to be repeated.



A. Hamzeh

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