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“Pleasure isn’t in thy fulfillment, but in the pursuit.” — Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

One century ago, a young woman defied all odds and created what we now know as one of the most unique and revolutionary fashion brands ever to be founded.

Her mother died when she was eleven, and later to that, she was sent to a convent with her sisters to spend the rest of her teenage years under the supervision of nuns and church rules. They compromised her wardrobe of 2 dresses, both of which were very similar. The only music allowed was church music. It was very unpleasant for her.

She didn’t quite appreciate her life there, as she felt limited by her surroundings. She wanted to be and see more than she already is. It’s like something was missing from her life; something she doesn’t even know herself.

After turning 18, she left the convent to expand her horizon and explore the world. On her journey to find what she can’t seem to discern herself, she charmed a young man named Etienne Balsan with her reckless and alluring character and got an invitation to his grand chateau.

This wasn’t new to her. She loved the attention of men. There was nothing she wanted more than a man who was already taken. But once she got what she wanted, she’d immediately get engulfed with disappointment. She thought she’d find something out of the ordinary that would satisfy her desires, yet only to fall for another ordinary, mortal man.

Having no clue of what she was doing, she entered Balsan’s bedroom and tried a few of his wardrobes for fun. She mixed a few of his pieces with some of hers, creating a never-seen-before look that made all other courtesans in the palace envious.

She made a name for herself, created one of the most grandiose fashion brands in history, and, most importantly, expanded the extremities of female freedom.

Her name was Gabrielle Chanel, founder of Coco Chanel.

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