Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hate Jordan Peterson

He appreciates you more than you think

A. Hamzeh


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You’re a phenomenal human being.

You’re someone capable of achieving whatever you want to achieve.

You are powerful.

These are the statements of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. He believes that everyone is capable of overcoming their circumstances and reaching beyond their limits.

However, many people (many, many people) hate him for what he says on social media. But I believe that the hate should end at some point, because when you really understand what he’s saying it’s truly hard to hate him.

First of all, the gest of all his content revolves around this simple idea:

“You can achieve it; you can become better.”

Better as a human, parent, artist, athlete, etc…

It doesn’t matter, you can always get better. And if you have something you want to achieve just know that it’s possible.

There’s only one catch though, and it’s that you have to get out of your comfort zone, go far away from what makes you comfortable (only if it’s hurting you more than it’s helping you) and you have to do the right things.

And that’s hard for some people to accept. I understand that life is not easy and blabbering simple things like that doesn’t seem like something worth listening to.

It’s frustrating having to go through a lot in life and not feeling good about yourself, and then someone just comes and then says “You have to do this, this, and this” like it’s no big deal.

Oversimplifying things can be nerve-racking for sure.

But he’s not simplifying the process, just the message. He’s telling you that it’s your responsibility to pick yourself up and run in the right direction otherwise things won’t go according to your plan. And that’s fair to say.

It’s not easy. Whatever you’re going through, whatever you want to achieve, just know it could be done and overcome. No one is better than you. What anyone has done you can do and even better.



A. Hamzeh

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