Here’s What Lebanese People are Getting Paid to Work a Full-Time Job

Flashy poo change.

A. Hamzeh


Photo by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash

A marketing manager is getting paid $120 a month for 180 hours of work time.

In the past two years, the Lebanese currency went from 1,500 LBP = $1 to 21,000 LBP = $1. So, for those who get paid in LBP instead of $, their income value has decreased by more than 10x.

A new iPhone costs $1,200, which adds up to 25,200,000 LBPs. Two years ago, that amount could’ve gotten you a decent car. Now, it can get you a new iPhone.

My friend, the marketing manager I previously mentioned, is getting paid 2,500,000 LBP ($120). Imagine, a marketing manager needs to save up to 10 months' worth of income just to buy a new phone. The amount of humiliation we are facing is unacceptable.

Alien firms are taking advantage of Lebanese citizens

Some think the obvious solution would be to apply for outbound jobs. It’s only logical, right? Well, yes, but not always.

Most firms prefer to cut their budget when it's convenient, and what’s more convenient than a person who can live on $200 of income? Nothing.

You might say that living off $200 is cheap, but not when that’s your full salary.



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