Focusing On Medium Intoxicates Your Motivation

You need to have a life

A. Hamzeh


Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

Writing on Medium is exciting. You can grow your audience, join a community, and make substantial amounts of money. Who wouldn’t want that?

The only issue is that it’s demotivating by itself.

I mean, you have all these rules you follow that will guarantee improvement and success in the long run, but when you dive deep to where it swallows all your attention, it becomes irritating.

It becomes dull and monotone. That’s why many successful writers tell you to stop looking at your stats. You become addicted and expect to see improvements overnight when it’s hardly ever the case.

Writing is a disaster. It’s chaotic. It’s not an easy path to pursue unless you really enjoy it and you’re extremely patient. And you also need to have a professional life outside of your blog; until it becomes a full-time job, at least.

Writing online takes time

You don’t see progress until you reach a high amount of followers and views that come after a long process and extremely hard work. Other than that, you won’t see a thing.

We want to believe that “this article is the one”, but it’s rarely the one. Some old articles even thrive on the web after months of…



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