7 Proven Tactics to Never Get Dominated in Negotiations

And give yourself an upper edge.

5 min readApr 21, 2024


The Kremlin School of Negotiation was used by spies and special government personnel in the Soviet Union days. It’s well respected for its effective methods and success rates.

The following tactics are extracted from chapter 5 of Igor Ryzov’s book, “The Kremlin School of Negotiation”.

They should be kept in store for future encounters with aggressive, emotional people who want to put you down rather than reach a common ground.

1. The Reverse Method

  • Purpose: To reveal your opponent’s true intentions.

When someone throws negative judgment towards you, you must reveal their true intention.

Is it constructive? Or is it a mere jab to get you emotional?

Remember this basic rule of negotiation: Your goal is to maintain a rational back-and-forth to increase your odds of getting to your opponent and making them an ally.

If you let their jabs hit you where it hurts then you will maneuver away from the rational model and go into an emotional model; that’s where it gets personal and nothing is achieved.



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