5 Reasons Why People Disrespect You

And what to do about it.

A. Hamzeh


Many reasons might drive people to act a certain way with us, and all of them can be changed. It’s not about having bad habits or being weak, but rather having traits that make people feel safe treating us a certain way.

Here are five things you need to pay attention to:

You Don’t Change Your Behavior When They Disrespect You

Not facing consequences for an action only makes a person neglect its’ importance and effects. This pattern can be seen worldwide; leaders and governments tend to act however they want when there are no sanctions.

And people are no better.

If a person harms or disrespects you one time, and you let it slide without talking to them or changing your behavior accordingly, then they’ll most likely do it again.

Many people lack a moral compass. Their minds don’t automatically associate negative feelings with their disrespectful behavior, and if not responded to immediately, they will keep doing it without a second thought.

A Lack of Genuinity — You’re All Talk

People don’t respect talkers; people respect do-ers.

When you create an image but fail to live up to it, you will appear as a non-genuine person whose all talk.

You don’t need to achieve everything you desire, but at least keep quiet in public if you’re not working for it. The least you can do is strive for what you want and then talk about it when you’re on the right track.

Don’t talk about the destination; talk about the journey. Make people see that you’re on the path to reaching your goals, not just a person who talks about them.

People will only believe you if they see you working before they see you talking.

Plus, research has found that blabbering to other people about your goals will only decrease your chances of reaching them.

You’re Not Showing Emotional Intelligence — You Take Things Seriously



A. Hamzeh

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